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Electronic learning or E-learning as it is commonly called is a series of technology platforms that are being used extensively in many forms of teaching and learning from primary education to higher learning at University to professional training. E-learning is used in various form like remote teaching by video conferencing, web hosted course content delivery and course assessment systems, CD based distribution of content, extensive development and use of animation, etc.

Application of E-learning allows training of people in remote and underdeveloped communities quickly, efficiently, intimately in a one to one learning environment and teaching is possible simultaneously in a highly scattered multiple locations. It is a a very cost effective method for improving skill set for people who migrate from rural to urban environment and look for gainful employment. E-learning can also be used to upgrade skill-set or retraining for skill-set for new assignments. 

Our first experience with E-learning happened with our introduction of online tutoring for high school students in Australia by Growing Stars. In the process we have now developed capability to service the various requirements of E-learning industry. We can provide the technology platforms, create content for E-learning in various formats, provide Subject Matter Experts(SME) for development of contents,  and provide services to the existing E-learning systems.

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