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Vocational Training

In developing countries most basic skills like building and construction, farming, managing health and hygiene, book keeping, horticulture and many others are typically passed down from generation to generation in an informal way. As a result, the skill sets remain primitive, and productivity and quality remains very low. As the economy expands and demand for high quality products and services increase with higher standards of living and expectation, suddenly lack of adequately skilled tradespersons become acutely visible.

In India with rapid economic growth a shortage of formally trained skilled workers has become critical. At the same time, due to migration of rural people into the urban area in search of livelihood created many social problems triggered by high unemployment. Novel Aquatech believes these issues can only be resolved by establishing a quality vocational training system to quickly train and retrain the unemployed for redeployment in the economy.

Australia has one of the best vocational training systems in the world in the form of TAFE. Novel Aquatech is currently working to establish a vocational training system in India modelled after the TAFE system.

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