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The Engineering division's primary focus is to bring in sustainable clean technologies in India. Cloud-Zone is constantly assessing innovative technologies and working with consultants in India, US and Australia to introduce various options of water reuse, water harvesting and groundwater purification technologies. Wastewater treatment, both domestic and industrial, is another area where Cloud-Zone is active.


A typical on-site packaged extended aeration treatment plant.

Our air Pollution group through our associate consultants has extensive expertise in air pollution measurement, impact assessment, indoor air quality, air quality modelling, instrumental analyses and quality assurance. Our associate consultants are drawn from Industry, Research organizations and large pool of independent consultants.

The Engineering division also runs a small software engineering practice in Australia leveraging the pool of highly skilled and experienced engineers available to Novel Aquatech. We have expertise in SAP, .NET and JAVA technologies.

Our Indian office has strong expertise in software aided engineering design, and has completed projects in India and overseas mainly in the energy and process industry. We have strong expertise in compressor packaging, gas purification and conditioning, pressure swing adsorption technology, engineering design and modelling.

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