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The first product this division picked to roll out is a restaurant ordering system created  and perfected in Australia over the last few years. It has been designed particularly keeping in mind the small eateries that supplies meals to the mobile population that come to big cities on a daily basis. The platform allows them to use the digital technology and improve productivity and efficiency of their business. The medium to large restaurants are also able to use the platform to increase their business as it provides an extra channel for conducting business

 The day to day opertion can be managed from a hand held device or a smart phone. No electricity or computer is required. Of course every eaterie/restaurant  is provided their own  backend and a host functions can be conducted there.

For customers it allows them to search eateries on their mobile phones or any connected handheld device and order food or make reservations. No more standing in line during lunch breaks. Just pre-order and pick up or have it delivered to you.

Check it out at www.hotchef.in



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